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3 Reasons Why Silicon Valley Needs Leaders with Graduate Degrees

  June 22, 2017        0 Comments

Technology and Silicon Valley are practically synonymous. People from all over the world come to this corner of California with dreams of disrupting the market with the latest technological advancement. It’s famous for an ultra-competitive environment saturated with the best and the brightest minds in technology and entrepreneurship.

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5 Growing Industries in Health Care that Need Leaders with Graduate Degrees

  June 15, 2017        0 Comments

Everywhere you look, industries are recruiting leaders to bring experience and vision to their fields. But if you look a little more closely, you’ll find that certain industries are growing more rapidly than others. Companies within these industries are looking specifically for leaders with advanced degrees to help them in their expansion.

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So, if you’re ready to take that next step in your career, look no further than these five growing...

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Here’s What You Need to Know About WVU’s Graduate Degrees in Sustainability

  June 08, 2017        0 Comments

Sustainability has never been a more relevant topic — and today it is also an exciting and rapidly growing industry. If you’re interested in the topic of sustainability, chances are you want to make the world a better and more environmentally friendly place, and one way you can do this is by furthering your education with a graduate degree in sustainability.

WVU offers various graduate degrees that highlight and promote sustainability. Here’s what you need to know about the career paths that...

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How Does R1 Status Affect Grad Students Who Do Research?

  June 01, 2017        0 Comments

Not all universities – and graduate programs – are created equal. You may be surprised to know how important it is to attend a university that has R1 status, especially when it comes to your future academic and professional career.

But what does it mean for a university to have R1 status?

Note: Are you interested in pursuing a graduate degree that is research intensive? Check out our new resource — A Guide to Research-Based Graduate Programs at WVU.

Read on to find out how an R1 status...

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5 Innovative Research Studies Happening at West Virginia University Right Now

  May 25, 2017        0 Comments

West Virginia University is one of 115 universities classified as having R1 status, which means we’re recognized for our groundbreaking research and innovation. Only the best research universities in the country achieve this status, and WVU is renowned for its research-based graduate programs and popular research-intensive programs.

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Interested in knowing what the latest research is coming out of WVU? Read on to hear about five innovative...

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4 Graduate Degrees for Aspiring Technologists

  May 18, 2017        2 Comments

Looking for a quality graduate technology program to put you ahead of your peers? There are plenty of degree programs and advanced certificates out there, so finding the right program to serve as a bridge between your “right now” and your dream job can come with a variety of questions.

Here are a few advanced programs in technology to consider that might be the perfect fit for you and your career goals.

Note: West Virginia University’s Admissions team wants to make the transition to grad...

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Understanding the Value of Graduate Assistantships

  May 11, 2017        0 Comments

If you are a current graduate student or are a prospective graduate student applying to programs, you have probably heard of graduate assistantships.

But what are they, and what’s the point of them?

Graduate assistantships can be the cornerstone of your experience as a graduate student. Not only can they help you financially but they can also provide you with connections within your department, quality work experience, insight into what it takes to become an educator or professional, and the...

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WVU’s New Resource for Aspiring Graduate Students: A Guide to Graduate Assistantships at West Virginia University

  May 04, 2017        0 Comments

If you’re thinking about attending one of WVU’s graduate or PhD programs, you’re probably spending your time researching a variety of things: Your field of study, the programs in your department, what scholarships are available, what professors you may have, etc.

But one thing you should consider — if you already haven’t — is pursuing a graduate assistantship position. A graduate assistantship can give you practical teaching and research experience, not to mention networking connections and...

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Attention Aspiring Business Students: Here are 4 Reasons You Should Consider an Online MBA Program

  April 27, 2017        0 Comments

Are you looking to pursue an advanced business degree but are having a tough time deciding whether to enroll in a traditional, classroom MBA program or going for an online MBA option?

Are you wondering what the pros (and cons) of an online MBA program actually are?

Here at West Virginia University, we know that making a decision like this can be difficult, but before deciding on the traditional, in-person route towards a graduate degree, consider these four reasons to decide if an online MBA...

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5 Graduate Programs for People Who Love Research

  April 20, 2017        0 Comments

Ah, research. The endless hours in the lab, the original hypotheses, the evenings combing the library shelves. Not everyone loves research, but if you do, you should find a graduate program that provides the environment and support you need to get your hands dirty.

To start, you’re probably looking for a university that lives and breathes research: an R1 Doctoral University. Based on the Carnegie classification system, R1 Doctoral Universities have the highest research activity of any...

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