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5 Innovative Research Studies Happening at West Virginia University Right Now

  May 25, 2017        0 Comments

West Virginia University is one of 115 universities classified as having R1 status, which means we’re recognized for our groundbreaking research and innovation. Only the best research universities in the country achieve this status, and WVU is renowned for its research-based graduate programs and popular research-intensive programs.

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Interested in knowing what the latest research is coming out of WVU? Read on to hear about five innovative...

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4 Graduate Degrees for Aspiring Technologists

  May 18, 2017        0 Comments

Looking for a quality graduate technology program to put you ahead of your peers? There are plenty of degree programs and advanced certificates out there, so finding the right program to serve as a bridge between your “right now” and your dream job can come with a variety of questions.

Here are a few advanced programs in technology to consider that might be the perfect fit for you and your career goals.

Note: West Virginia University’s Admissions team wants to make the transition to grad...

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Understanding the Value of Graduate Assistantships

  May 11, 2017        0 Comments

If you are a current graduate student or are a prospective graduate student applying to programs, you have probably heard of graduate assistantships.

But what are they, and what’s the point of them?

Graduate assistantships can be the cornerstone of your experience as a graduate student. Not only can they help you financially but they can also provide you with connections within your department, quality work experience, insight into what it takes to become an educator or professional, and the...

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