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5 Graduate Degrees for Creative and Innovative Souls

  August 17, 2017        0 Comments

If you’re a recent college grad (or have a career but want a change) thinking about pursuing an advanced career in something creative, the likes of medical school, law school, and business school might not sound very appealing to you. But it turns out that you can easily pursue a graduate degree in an area outside of those vocations, and you’ve got a lot of options! West Virginia University has over 180 graduate degree programs, and several of these degrees are designed to satisfy the...

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What You Don’t Know About Going to Graduate School in West Virginia

  August 10, 2017        0 Comments

Thinking about becoming a Mountaineer? I may be biased, but you can’t go wrong with West Virginia where you get unparalleled opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

You probably have a good idea of what it’s like to go to graduate school, but what exactly can you look forward to as a graduate student at WVU? I’m glad you asked. Let’s start at the beginning.

Did you know that West Virginia University is a land-grant university? President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Act,...

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4 Online Graduate Business Degrees Offered at WVU for Busy Professionals

  August 03, 2017        0 Comments

Getting a master’s degree takes commitment, which is why WVU offers dynamic online options that help professionals earn a graduate degree while easily managing their busy schedule.

 When you enroll in one of our online graduate degree programs, you won’t have to give up years of full-time work just to earn the degree. Will you be busy? Sure! But our flexible courses are designed for those who want to earn a graduate degree and still work full-time jobs.

Does this sound like you? Then you may...

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When is The Best Time to Go to Grad School? Here’s What The Data Says.

  July 27, 2017        0 Comments

Graduate school now or later?

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions we hear from graduate student hopefuls. Your days may already be packed with a full- or part-time job, social commitments, and more. You’re probably wondering if you can squeeze in more school and coursework into your already-busy schedule.

When you’re considering graduate school, it’s important to keep in mind the big picture. Understanding that a graduate degree is an investment in your future will help you...

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Here’s What 2 International Ph.D. Students Studying Biology Had to Say About Their WVU Experience

  July 20, 2017        0 Comments

The Admissions team here at West Virginia University knows that being an international student comes with a lot of challenges. But WVU is proud to be home to many students from all over the world, and many of them have good advice and unique stories when it comes to the enrollment and academic experience at WVU.

That’s why we talked to Miguel Medina Munoz and Apoorva Ravi Shankar and got some insight into what their interests are and why they chose to come to the U.S. and pursue an education...

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Topics: Academic Advancement, Environmental Graduate Programs

Program Highlight: WVU's Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Psychology

  July 13, 2017        0 Comments

Sports psychology — the study of psychology used to help athletes achieve maximum performance and success in their sports careers — is an ideal field for students interested in sports, science, and helping others.

Sports psychology experts are the driving forces behind the most admired athletes in the world, from NFL players to Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas. To prepare aspiring sport psychology students for work in this increasingly important field, West Virginia University offers a Ph.D....

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Topics: Sports Management, Graduate School

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Real ROI of Graduate School

  July 06, 2017        0 Comments

The rising cost of tuition.

The time it takes to earn a graduate degree.

The uncertainty about employment and salary post-graduation.

Is it all worth it for a master’s degree?

We know there’s a lot to consider when you’re looking at graduate school. It’s not only a financial investment, but also an investment of your limited time and energy. That’s why we want to give you some insight into three popular graduate degree fields and reveal what you need to know about the real ROI of Graduate...

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Topics: Graduate School, Career, Career Options

Why Becoming an Industry Thought Leader Starts with a Graduate Degree

  June 29, 2017        0 Comments

Industry Thought Leader. You see the term popping up in the business and start-up worlds. But what exactly is it? And why is thought leadership so valuable to your career?

Industry thought leaders are people who create new ideas and cast vision in a specific industry. They’re connectors and innovators who inspire audiences with their strategic thinking. There’s no straight path to becoming an industry thought leader. But the most successful leaders have at least a graduate-level education,...

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3 Reasons Why Silicon Valley Needs Leaders with Graduate Degrees

  June 22, 2017        0 Comments

Technology and Silicon Valley are practically synonymous. People from all over the world come to this corner of California with dreams of disrupting the market with the latest technological advancement. It’s famous for an ultra-competitive environment saturated with the best and the brightest minds in technology and entrepreneurship.

Note: Do you have questions and concerns about financing your graduate degree? We hope you’ll check out our resource targeted at prospective graduate students...

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5 Growing Industries in Health Care that Need Leaders with Graduate Degrees

  June 15, 2017        0 Comments

Everywhere you look, industries are recruiting leaders to bring experience and vision to their fields. But if you look a little more closely, you’ll find that certain industries are growing more rapidly than others. Companies within these industries are looking specifically for leaders with advanced degrees to help them in their expansion.

Note: The Admissions team here at WVU invites you to check out our new  resource — A Guide to Graduate Assistantships at West Virginia University — and  learn what kind of graduate assistantship opportunities we offer!

So, if you’re ready to take that next step in your career, look no further than these five growing...

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